I’ve never been able to fit into one mold. Conceptual sets bother me because all of us have many different shades of who we are. I’m a Genetic Anthropologist by trade; a writer/performer in my soul and a baker by choice. I love writing music & performing, I love researching the genetic history of humanity and I LOVE perfecting old-world artisan pastry recipes that’ve been handed down through my family generation after generation.

I’m of Nordic and Celtic heritage, on both sides of my family, and I’m pretty obsessed with unlocking every morsel of information I can about ancient humanity. That’s why I’ve been working on Genetic Anthropology contracts with my mother since 2012, but in 2017, after some rather dangerous contracts – I quit my job and went full time into baking at a coffee shop I now co-own with my brother ( However, I can’t escape the music that plays inside my head; like I’m tuned into a cosmic radio that won’t let me rest until all of the melodies have found a voice in this physical world. Like an author that must create a story with her own words – I must sing the songs of my heart; I must express my soul, and tell-my-tales through the universal language of music.

I hope you enjoy my musings on Anthropology, Genetics, Ayurvedic medicine, and artisan baking. I also hope you enjoy my 2021 music EP that’s coming out in May. I’ve written songs that are various expressions of my personality, I playfully call it – Fifty Shades of Brae! In the words of one of my favorite movies (Only Lovers Left Alive), Adam essentially says, “I’m sending my music out there to see if it resonates back or not.”